Was is/​​does a Barista?

Ba­rista is the ori­gi­nal Ita­lian term for a bar­ten­der. No­wa­days, a ba­rista is ra­ther a bar­kee­per for cof­fee. Rich ex­pe­ri­ence in co­or­di­na­ting re­grind quan­tity, de­gree of grin­ding, wa­ter quan­tity, scal­ding tem­pe­ra­ture as well as pro­found back­ground know­ledge are in­dis­pensa­ble for our sta­tio­nary and mo­bile ba­rista. All pa­ra­me­ters need to be ad­ap­ted to the en­vi­ron­ment and the ever-​chan­ging con­di­ti­ons as slight rain pre­ci­pi­ta­ti­ons can al­re­ady [due to the al­te­red hu­mi­dity] change the taste of the cof­fee re­sul­ting in an in­ter­ven­tion of the ba­rista.

Latte Art

Jugg­ling with bott­les is as im­portant to bar­kee­pers as latte art is to ba­rista. Latte art is an art­ful me­thod of com­bi­ning es­presso with milk froth where the milk cau­ses a de­sign to ap­pear on the sur­face of the cof­fee. In or­der to create dif­fe­rent Latte art de­signs, a ba­rista must ex­ert spe­cial tech­ni­ques of foa­ming milk. These tech­ni­ques con­sists of dif­fe­rent pul­ling and pus­hing sta­ges in or­der to “draw” de­signs. The ul­ti­mate goal is to de­ve­lop a so-​cal­led mi­cro­foam – a creamy emul­sion of milk and air.

Rent your mobile barista

Our mo­bile ba­rista have learnt all of the afo­re­men­tio­nend skills over the ye­ars. Whe­ne­ver you rent our cof­fee ca­te­ring ser­vices, you can be sure of the fol­lo­wing: Com­pe­tence and pas­sion. HEY! Cof­fee em­bo­dies these at­tri­bu­tes and mer­ges them with a uni­que port­fo­lio of mo­bile cof­fee bars and im­pres­sive cof­fee ma­chi­nes. We are your all-round ca­re­free package for true cof­fee en­joy­ments at your fair stand.

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