Coffee catering for fairs

Busy fairs with lots of stran­gers, noi­ses, im­pres­si­ons…. Wouldn’t it be nice to evade from this tur­moil for an in­stance? Sim­ply let go, re­lax and ex­pe­ri­ence the smell and taste of so­me­thing truly ex­cep­tio­nal. Life can be so be­au­ti­ful. Wel­come to HEY! Cof­fee Ca­te­ring Ser­vice.

The epicures

Next to high qua­lity cof­fee spe­cial­ties, we also de­li­ver (upon your re­quest) re­fres­hing ho­me­made so­das, re­fres­hing cock­tails, healthy smoot­hies or hand­made tre­ats from our con­fec­tio­ner. We will put to­ge­ther a package that will make every fair vi­si­tor happy. Read more.

Simply more service

Ba­ris­tas from HEY! Cof­fee are the re­a­son for joy­ful faces early in the morning. Our mo­bile cof­fee bar is equip­ped with a wide choice of Es­presso ma­kers and is the­re­fore the per­fect choice for small to me­dium fair ap­pearan­ces. Du­ring your events, we take care of ever­y­thing, pro­vide the best ser­vice in or­der for you to re­lax and fo­cus on your cust­o­m­ers ex­clu­si­vely. As a spe­cial fea­ture, our ba­ris­tas are able to dis­play your com­pany logo on top of the cof­fee. Cu­rious? Ask us for fur­ther in­for­ma­tion con­cerning our cof­fee ca­te­ring ser­vice.