Cocktails, smoothies and sodas

Rea­dy for a re­fresh­ment? We glad­ly pro­vi­de sui­ta­ble cold be­ver­ages along­si­de. Be it ho­me­ma­de so­das with fresh fruits, vit­amin-rich smoot­hies or tas­te­ful cock­tails mi­xed ac­cord­ing to the re­ci­pes of the Ger­man cock­tail cham­pi­on – you name it!

Yummy…. Sweets…

Our con­fec­tio­ner al­ways bakes fresh­ly and by hand just for you. Our menu co­vers Ita­li­an al­mond pastry as well as frui­ty small tarts. Our foods are free from ad­di­ti­ves and anything that does not be­long in good food. We glad­ly crea­te new tre­ats with you that al­low you to win over the hearts of your guests.

Remain seated!

Even the stron­gest cof­fee drin­kers need a break every now and then. The­re­fo­re, we bring along some stools and in­stall a small cor­ner for short cof­fee breaks. Our sea­ting pos­si­bi­li­ties match our mo­bi­le cof­fee bars and are avail­ab­le as me­tal or woo­den con­struc­tions. A con­ve­ni­ent and neat op­por­tu­ni­ty to crea­te a spot for re­la­xa­ti­on.