completely carefree coffee bar

A wide range of im­pres­sive cof­fee ma­chi­nes, uni­que bars as well as pro­fes­sio­nal equip­ment pave the way for the per­fect cof­fee gusto – we take care of ever­y­thing. All we need for our cof­fee ca­te­ring ser­vice are an electric hook-up and some space.

Quality and responsibility

Ca­re­fully selec­ted green cof­fee from the best gro­wing areas is roas­ted gently and freshly. We, from HEY! Cof­fee, at­tach great im­port­ance to a per­fect star­ting point. Our Ba­rista use na­tu­ral spring wa­ter in or­der to brew our cof­fee. Mo­re­o­ver, our cups are free from syn­the­tic ma­te­ri­als and bio­de­gra­da­ble. We fo­cus on re­gio­nal pro­ducts whe­ne­ver pos­si­ble.

The barista makes all the difference!

Our ba­rista make to most of each cof­fee bean and sur­prise their guests with true cu­li­nary de­lights, which is pou­red into milk froth – the so-​cal­led Latte Art. Our barista’s pas­sion and en­joy­ment are key when pre­pa­ring be­ver­a­ges in our mo­bile cof­fee bars. We are al­ways at eye le­vel with our most im­portant as­set: Our cust­o­m­ers and guests.


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